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sthermanorphans's Journal

spiritual renegades of the St. Herman Brotherhood
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Anybody , Moderated
LJ outpost for former or current members of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood.
This is the online haven of the spiritual orphans of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood.

Anyone who has had experiences (good or bad) with the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood can join. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics that may arise, discretion is advised. Spamming, trolling, and overt proselytization are unwelcome here - this is first and foremost a personal community.

Some posts are view-able to "members only." To become a member, simply create a livejournal account (which is free) and JOIN this community by clicking on the word, "Join" which is located near the upper right-hand corner on this page.

This community is co-moderated by metalgypsy, and createdestiny. Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to them.